Secure mobile communication for your business

What if your mobile phone conversations are not as private as you thought?
What if the text messages that were supposed to stay confidential go public?
Choose prevention now rather than waste resources fixing irreversible damage in the future, get PhoneX:

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PhoneX application screen-shots.

Intercepting Messaging Apps - Telegram

4. May 2016

Hacking a Telegram application with intercepting authentication SMS.

Bitcoin payment supported

29. April 2016

PhoneX e-show now supports a new  payment method - Bitcoin. Bitcoin price is automatically calculated from the local ...

New release of PhoneX for Android

24. April 2016

We have released a new version of PhoneX for Android. It includes some significant changes, including: Multi-user ...

Security of passcode protected iOS

17. February 2016

In our previous article on Security of mobile devices we informed about recent threats and recommendations for our users.  ...

Security of mobile devices

9. February 2016

Our main goal in PhoneX is to protect the privacy of our users. In this article we would like to alert users of PhoneX on security ...

In-app purchases

28. November 2015

New version of PhoneX has been released, now with built-in in-app purchases. You can now purchase PhoneX license conveniently ...

CR Police phone wiretapping analysis

19. October 2015

CR Police released an analysis report about phone wiretapping conducted by the Police in 2014 (Original document in Czech ...

3 000 PhoneX users

30. September 2015

In September we exceeded the number of 3 000 users. Thank you for using PhoneX and look forward to the new customers!

Keep your conversations private

Voice calls icon

Encrypted Voice Calls

Guard your private conversations against eavesdropping as if you were speaking with your partners in the same room.

Text messages icon

Encrypted Text Messages

Don't let anyone copy your ideas by scanning your messages.

File transfer icon

Encrypted File Transfers

Packages sent by PhoneX cannot be opened by any kind of brute-force.

Business use cases

Each organisation handles sensitive information on daily bases - be it internal data within the company or external data related to their clients.
Its protection should be a number one priority.

Company conference room

Small to big companies

For board of directors, top management, group of strategic employees, business partners, clients.

We often discuss company know-how, investments, contracts etc. on distance. Abroad or in an office next door, we keep in touch through fast and stable PhoneX connection to eliminate the danger of sensitive data leakage.

Banks and TELCOs

For internal communication inside company + external communication with clients.

Our competitive advantage is being able to provide not only professional services, but as a bonus also a secure form of communication which protects clients’ data and saves their time. Moreover, we stay calm while all internal phone conversations among our employees stay safely inside our company.
Bank meeting
Bussiness partners shaking hands

Resellers and partners

For providers of security solutions, individuals with extensive contact network, companies from various fields with wide network of clients.

Encrypted communication system makes an attractive addition into our portfolio of first class products. Thanks to resellers code system, web administration console and other ways of PhoneX’s support we can provide excellent client service.

Private individuals

For lawyers, lobbyists, doctors, private bankers, advisors and mentors, journalists, VIPs, psychologists etc.

Thanks to PhoneX application I can connect with my contacts or clients confidentially to discuss sensitive topics or share valuable information and be sure the conversation is not captured by a third party.
Business person sending text message on a phone

Start right now

1. Download the application to your mobile phone.
2. Create a new license.
3. Use PhoneX in limited mode or
4. Upgrade to full license.

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State of the Art Cryptography

End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end Encryption

Encryption is performed directly on the end devices. Server, administrators and arbitrary third parties are not able to eavesdrop on users’ communication.

Perfect forward secrecy

Encryption keys are unique for every call/sent file and destroyed after the communication is finished. If a long term key was broken/compromised, this does not compromise the session keys and communication therefore remains encrypted and secure.

Perfect forward secrecy
No spam

No spam

The user is able to choose who can contact him, so the application naturally prevents spam this way. The system design has a very good anti-SPAM and anti-DoS properties since the system generates half-keys only for the contacts we wish to receive files from.

No strings attached

PhoneX contacts are separated from your phone's contact list, the system uses nicknames instead of phone numbers. Your phone number is not linked with your PhoneX account.

No strings attached