Become a Beta tester for PhoneX on iOS

and get a license worth of 330€

What is going on

It is a special offer for users with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Registered users will be able to get an access to the newest PhoneX application version, before it becomes publicly available.

What you can get

As we do appreciate your time, we guarantee you a license worth of 330€ for free. You will be also able to influence the final shape of the application by sending us your feedback and suggestions for the improvement.

How to join the program

If you have an access to some of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), fill in the following form. We will send you together with a license key an invitation to join Beta testing of PhoneX application.


  • By using of Beta version, you should be confident with the fact that stability of the application may vary with the well-tested production version, deployed on AppStore.
  • Access to iOS device with system version 8+. It is not available for Android version for now.
  • The offer is limited. After we find enough of Beta testers, we reserve the right to close registration of new Beta testers.
  • The offer is solely for individual users. Not applicable for commercial or other business usage.
  • PhoneX Security s.r.o. reserves the right to choose specific users to involve into the Beta testing program.