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PhoneX is a mobile application for encrypted communication that allows you to make encrypted voice calls, securely sending encrypted messages and files.

PhoneX is a convenient solution for companies (or individuals) who deal with sensitive data and for whom communication security and privacy are vital and important.

All major platforms are supported - Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

Personal license

Are you an individual having concerns about privacy of your mobile communications? PhoneX comes with a personal license providing protection for individuals who deal with sensitive data on daily basis. There are no restrictions on your license; it comes with full set of features. You pay a fee per month or year and have unlimited amount of voice calls or transferred data.

For actual pricing, please check our license offer.

Business use cases

Each organisation handles sensitive information on daily bases - be it internal data within the company or external data related to their clients.
Its protection should be a number one priority.

Company conference room

Small to big companies

For board of directors, top management, group of strategic employees, business partners, clients.

We often discuss company know-how, investments, contracts etc. on distance. Abroad or in an office next door, we keep in touch through fast and stable PhoneX connection to eliminate the danger of sensitive data leakage.

Banks and TELCOs

For internal communication inside company + external communication with clients.

Our competitive advantage is being able to provide not only professional services, but as a bonus also a secure form of communication which protects clients’ data and saves their time. Moreover, we stay calm while all internal phone conversations among our employees stay safely inside our company.
Bank meeting
Bussiness partners shaking hands

Resellers and partners

For providers of security solutions, individuals with extensive contact network, companies from various fields with wide network of clients.

Encrypted communication system makes an attractive addition into our portfolio of first class products. Thanks to resellers code system, web administration console and other ways of PhoneX’s support we can provide excellent client service.

Private individuals

For lawyers, lobbyists, doctors, private bankers, advisors and mentors, journalists, VIPs, psychologists etc.

Thanks to PhoneX application I can connect with my contacts or clients confidentially to discuss sensitive topics or share valuable information and be sure the conversation is not captured by a third party.
Business person sending text message on a phone

Comprehensive License Menu

We have something special for everybody's needs.


Lawyers, bankers, doctors, ...


Groups of executives, business partners, developers, ...


Psychologists, plastic surgeons, mentors, ...


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